The company was started in September 2003 by me, Anders Jensen. 1983 to 2006 I was employed as Accessoy manager at Volvo Car Corporation, VCI-2, Customer Avenue 1, 40531 Goteborg, Sweden. 
During that period, I was responsible for the accessory programs, that included car flagpoles.  These flagpoles of very high quality have been sold by Volvo to diplomats for over 30 years and are the same as I sell in my company
We sell car flagpoles for official  cars – used by Diplomats, Embassies, UN, EU, Governments, Companies, Classic car owners and other people all around the world who want an exclusive car flag pole for ceremonial use.

Car Flagpole Co
Angskogsvagen 22b
41743 Goteborg

Contact person:
Irene Jensen
Phone +46 705 43 43 97 (Between 9 am and 6 pm Europe time - Monday to Friday)
Fax + 46 31 55 18 70
Car Flagpole Co. owner of Swedish F-skattsedel  Org. no 500330-9415   V.A.T No: SE500330941501